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    Is kernelcare worth it?
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    Is kernelcare worth it?

    Kind of getting tired of constant security updates. Rebooting is always a bit stressful. Can only do that during off hours which adds to the stress.

    So thinking of getting kernelcare. It's not too expensive but adds up if you have a lot of servers.

    Curious what peoples opinions are about it.

    Thanked by 1tridinebandim


    • Linux 4.0 will have rebootless kernel updates so in a year your problems will go away. If it's that much stress I'd say go ahead and pay for it, at least on the essential servers that require uptime.

    • smansman Member

      I would say 4.0 is several years away from anything we are doing. More likely we will be using Kpatch when we upgrade to CE7 in a year or two.

    • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Top Provider

      Imo its not expensive at all it really does not add up unless you are talking hundreds and hundreds of servers and if you are they have a noc scale price system anyway and you get patches pre disclosure in some cases so yeah... Worth its weight in gold.

      Had enough of the scams on lowendbox, lowendtalk is now being infiltrated by corruption so I have chosen to make an low end exit #lexit for now - you can find me HERE

    • It's worth it.


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