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**CLOSE** KVM VPS with Windows can connect to the switch but not the net
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**CLOSE** KVM VPS with Windows can connect to the switch but not the net

Cpt_BenCpt_Ben Member
edited August 2015 in Help

I've recently purchased a VPS from and installed Windows Server 2012 on it for testing purposes but I can't seem to get the machine connect to the internet. The adapter can recognise the switch, it gets an IP from it but that's all.

I'm using e1000 LAN controller, tried it with virtio and rtl8139 as well, but got the same error on multiple OS versions.
This is probably just a beginner's mistake, so if anyone knows how to fix/configure it I'd be more than pleased if it'd tell me how to do it.

Thanks in advance!


  • servarica_haniservarica_hani Member, Provider

    can you ping the gateway ?

    what is the ip you got automatically , is it your public ip ? or not

    if not your public ip can you share it here

    is your provider using dhcp to assign ips to vms ?

    most provider use static ips so connecting your vps to the switch wont give you good ip to access the internet. you must configure manually the network adapter with your static ip configurations


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  • @Hani
    Thanks for the reply, I took a closer look at the email that they've sent me and realised how a dumbass I am. It contained all the necessary information, I've just passed over it without realising.

    Sorry :/

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