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NIXStats Puppet Module
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NIXStats Puppet Module

Just installed NIXStats on all three of my servers, and ended up writing a Puppet module for it, so here it is!

Puppet Forge:

Still very much a work in progress (only installs the Bash agent) but if anyone wants to contribute, please feel free.

Enjoy! :)

Thanked by 1vfuse


  • vfusevfuse Member, Provider

    Awesome thanks for contributing. I made the initial setup process for nixstats as simple as possible (one unique command for all your servers). Great addition for people using puppet :)

    NIXStats monitoring Web, Server(Linux, Windows - $9.95/m), Logging (Free!) and Blacklists (start at 512 for $3.75/m) - Uptime Report - API Docs

  • Looks great. Im gonna look into nixstats.

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