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RHCE for webhosting business
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RHCE for webhosting business

I had another thread in which I asked about cisco certification here.
That thread gave me plenty of motivation (or I should say the response of members gave me motivation) hence I have started preparing for ccna. Although I have no prior IT background but still I am going well with the class. They also have a free course which is called RHCE.

I figured RHCE has almost everything which we need in web hosting world.
After passing CCNA and RHCE I will look for a full time offline job. But still I'll have plenty of free time to peruse my online ventures and maybe make a buck here and there.

I hope someone will answer my questions

  1. Do you think this knowledge will be good for finding online work?

  2. What type of expertize do you look for when you hire online staff for your webhosting company(living in another country).

  3. Since I live in a third world country I will be happy to work on minimum wage(or even below that). What type of work should I look for(and where) when I pass these exams?


P.S. I already have my own web hosting service. But with more knowledge I am sure more opportunities will be open for me. So that is why I am asking these questions.


  • jhjh Member

    RHCE + CCNA is a valuable combination but it would also be good to familiarise yourself with some commercial technology. A lot of hosting companies like cPanel for example.

    I'll leave the other questions to other members but since you speak good English as well, you should be able to get more than minimum wage.

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