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    Can you help me understand this traceroute?
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    Can you help me understand this traceroute?

    I am ignorant about the traceroute and I'd like to understand if from Buffalo to Milan the route is really Buffalo-Nederlands-Colorado-France-Milan.

    1 37...* Milano, IT 0.6ms
    2 217...* Italy 0. 4ms
    3 217...* Italy 0.8ms
    4 81...* France 0.6ms
    5 Englewood, CO, US 105.0ms
    6 Englewood, CO, US 108.0ms
    7 Englewood, CO, US 22.8ms
    8 Englewood, CO, US 157.6ms
    9 Englewood, CO, US 116.4ms
    10 Englewood, CO, US 105.6ms
    11 Netherlands 105.6ms
    12 Netherlands 131.7ms
    13 Netherlands 169.6ms
    14 Netherlands 137.6ms
    15 Netherlands 146.6ms
    16 ??? 0.0ms
    17 United States 145.5ms
    18 198.----------- Buffalo, NY, US 154.7ms

    Thank you in advance


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