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suggest : MS SQL backup Software/script
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suggest : MS SQL backup Software/script

Hi all,
Can you recommend some good reliable backup script/app to backup all Databases into one backup set with Day's time stamp. Also importantly, I need to keep only 'n' number of sets, eg: 5 days or 20 days backup only and DELETE the OLDER ones, reducing disk space and remote storage needs.

The Micsosoft-SQL 2008 64bit is the version to be backed up.

Kindly suggest apps/scripts which can resolve the purpose.


  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    Use the maintenance plan function in SQL Server.
    zip the outcome and name the file with the date.

    Forfiles can then be used to delete old files.

    Thanked by 1mehargags
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  • ReeRee Member

    Add a "Maintenance cleanup task" and you can have the maintenance plan take care of deleting the old backups for you.

    I've never tried it, but I believe you can backup multiple databases to a single file, so you wouldn't need the zip step either.

    Thanked by 1mehargags
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