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LF Person to write me a backup script (bash).
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LF Person to write me a backup script (bash).

JonchunJonchun Member, Provider
edited August 2015 in General

I'd do it myself, but I don't feel like spending a couple hours googling and debugging. The bash script is a fairly simple one, but should have all the features listed.

The top should have all the variables listing:

  • what directory to back up
  • what directory to store backup
  • database back up name (empty for no database backup)
  • database username
  • database password
  • remote ftp host
  • remote ftp username
  • remote ftp password
  • remote ftp storage path
  • local save count (days to keep backup locally)
  • remote save count (days to keep backup remotely)

Above is all pretty self explanatory. The script should then make a tar.gz of the directory and the mysql dump store it in the following format:


it should then ftp into the remote host and store it in


The script should automatically delete folders YYYY-MM-DD that are too old (as configured by the local/remote save count variables)

logs can be placed in /backupdirectory.

If anyone wants to do this, let me know how much you'd charge for it. (or if you want to do it for free and release it publicly, that would be cool too of course)

Or if anyone knows a script that can support this or already has most of the features so I only have to add a couple, that would be cool too.


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