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Does any one know the process about colocation
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Does any one know the process about colocation

I just start Dedicated server ,Would like to know the step for colocation.

Server, Swtich Modem, PDU , what else do i have to ship to data center ?


  • doghouchdoghouch Member
    edited August 2015

    Usually, they provide the network equipment for the server (it really depends on the provider). If there are any more equipment required to collocate your server, the provider will mention it before asking you to send it. Also, I suggest that you label your server to make it easier to identify before you ship it out.

  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Provider


    They usually provide network and all that stuff, you just need to label the server and provide the server hardware of course

    They should tell you what they need from you before you send it. Then they just rack it and email you it's network info

  • SSDBlaze said: Then they just rack it and email you it's network info

    I've never done this, so don't know. Presumably they have some physical requirements like it needs to be a rackable box and not a laptop or old tower. I've seen some people here offer co-location for RPis and Pogoplugs though.

  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Provider

    @Ole_Juul said:

    Yes, that is true. One thing I am not sure about is if you have to send the rails with the server. I'm pretty sure you do but I could be wrong.

    Yes, it has to be a box in most cases but on special occasions some places will do custom devices like laptops.

  • lazytlazyt Member
    edited August 2015

    Laptops? That's one I didn't know.

    Some places will do towers.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate auto correct recently?

  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Provider

    @lazyt said:
    Laptops? That's one I didn't know.

    Some places will do towers.

    I have never seen one for laptops but I'm sure there are a few out there haha.

    Yes, definitely seen towers. Also seen bitcoin miner machines.

  • TACServersTACServers Member, Provider

    All I ask of our colo clients is the server. I have universal rails if they are not able to be provided. Power and Network cabling is all ours, its easier cable management. Literally, we unbox your server, plug it in and go. We record the Cabinet and U in WHMCS.

    With customers renting 1/4 + size cabinets, I'd ask for a PDU and switch to be provided in addition to the servers. I am able to accommodate those who cannot provide a PDU and Switch, but it does throw a wrench into our works.

  • Yes Data center was ask me for PDU and switch router..

  • TACServersTACServers Member, Provider

    @rrbbs168 - As far as myself, this would be standard practice if you were renting 1/4 Cabinet or more, were you looking at 10U or more of space? Otherwise, in the case of 1-4 U rentals, I'd handle the switch and the PDU.

  • Yes I'm looking for quarter cabinet .Location In USA.

  • TACServersTACServers Member, Provider
    edited August 2015

    @ttbbs168 -For that you will need 1-2 PDU's (depending on redundant power or not). Ask your DC what type of power connector you need. For example, our 120V is delivered via an L5-30P connector. You will need a PDU to match this, as the power plugs are not similar to the ones you see at home.

    Network would require you to provide your own switch. If you were to utilize a L3 switch, such as a Juniper EX series, or Cisco or HP or other variant you should be able to accommodate all routing needing to be done in a environment 10U in size.

    Now if you were hoping to have the ability to shove 10U worth of servers into the space, it now seems impossible as well as such a hassle right? Well, just ask if your provider can give you a volume deal on their typical 1-2U packages, and just order 10 of them. You won't have to worry about switches or PDU's, you'll just have a 10U chunk of space in the normal colo cabinets.

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  • Is a 10U space, but i wouldn't have 10 machines on it . just 4 machine .
    E3-1230V3 16G RAM 16TB HDD

  • TACServersTACServers Member, Provider

    You should be fine. Find out their power config, and get a decent 24 port switch.

  • @cncking2000: so, realistically, how many 1U boxes can you expect to fit into 10U of colo space?
    Will own router (to announce own /24) do instead of a switch?

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  • @ttbbs168 If you don't want the hassle, do what @cncking2000 suggested and just get 4 separate 1U packages for your boxes and see if they can give you a volume discount. No need to worry about PDUs or switches - that's all taken care of, they just plug it in for you and you're ready to go.

    Some hosts require that you ship a power cable, others prefer to use their own that are the exact required length to keep cabinets tidy. You're also going to want to label your servers, this makes it easy if you're having issues with one and want it repaired or removed for shipping.

    Most (good) DCs will give you your IP assignments ahead of time, so you can pre-configure IPMI/your machine as needed - so it's literally just plug it in and you're online.

  • TACServersTACServers Member, Provider

    @aglodek - Personally, 8. I'd run it like this if the power is there. Inrush current would be something to consider, 20A service should be required. If you have short-depth 1U PDU's You could possibly have PDU A and B on 1 and 2 in the back of the cabinet, as well as the switches on the front half. I've got one cabinet where the PDU's and Switches are on 1 and 2. PDU's in the back, Switches in the front. If you are going to run a router, you are going to still need a switch, unless your router has the ports to connect all your devices.

    1 PDU A Back Switch/Router Front
    2 PDU B Back Switch Front
    3 Server
    4 Server
    5 Server
    6 Server
    7 Server
    8 Server
    9 Server
    10 Server

    @mikeyur - I thought of requiring power and associated cables, and once I started to wire the colo cabs like I liked them, I decided its easy enough for me to keep the cables as a "part" of the cabinet.

    @ttbbs168 - @mikeyur is right. Labeling is very important. If I get a box with no label, I make one, but it can easily be an issue when you are sending more than one server to the DC. Your DC should be able to provide your network details for the servers, or be more than willing to perform basic network setup when the servers are racked. I've got a number of folks that send me servers straight from Ebay. The time it takes me to wipe, load the requested OS and configure the network is trivial to the time that my customers are investing into the services they are running from those boxes, that is why I don't charge for initial setup of the server. Now if I am being summoned to replace a HD at 2AM, that's a different question. Be sure to check to see what technical wise is included in your remote hands, how much the cost is, how many hours are included.

  • ok, Thanks for all reply.

  • ttbbs168 said: ok, Thanks for all reply.

    I've learnt a few things in this thread too. Yayy LET!

  • DillybobDillybob Member
    edited August 2015

    Are there any colo's that offer a filtered IP?

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  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    Dillybob said: Are there any colo's that offer a filtered IP?

    Psychz for example.

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  • key900key900 Member, Provider

    @Dillybob said:
    Are there any colo's that offer a filtered IP?

    We do DDoS mitigation or you can go to Psychz direct.

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  • @cncking2000 said:
    Now if I am being summoned to replace a HD at 2AM, that's a different question. Be sure to check to see what technical wise is included in your remote hands, how much the cost is, how many hours are included.

    Don't you just love it when a client asks you at 4AM to fix the power supply in the server? It's plain awful, I wish that I could call the client "an ignorant scumbag," but like you said, being polite is trivial (and probably essential) to success.

  • I'd been told to take pics to the servers prior to shipping

  • I think that it depends if you actually go to the DC to get it set-up @inthecloudblog :)

  • If you provide a 7/24

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