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Globalfrag Los Angeles Review Colo Client
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Globalfrag Los Angeles Review Colo Client

NexHostNexHost Member
edited August 2015 in Reviews


I'd like to share my genuine experience with one of the best providers. I have been with so far. I was with various other providers. Before I found Globalfrag. after searching for sometime for DDoS Protected Solutions. I found Globalfrag. I spoke to Someone called Jake via Livechat. who gave forwarded my email to Kazah who introduced him self to me.

On a Sunday they went into my old providers facility. and deracked all the Hardware with other individuals. who moved all the Hardware from one Facility to another in Los Angeles. and everything was up and running with Globalfrag within 5 hours.

So far since using Globalfrag. the Network has suffered 2 small issues in the 7-12 months. both issues have been planned in Advance. but apart from that the Network is solid 24/7 there is never any interruptions. apart from the odd DDoS Attack leaking.

Also I must mention that Globalfrag have helped mitigate Attacks. that OVH / CNServers are unable to mitigate. if there is any attack that generates a problem. Kazah will apply filters. and do what is required to fix it.

Kazah is always on Skype he attends to all my issues within 12 hours. and resolves every problem I have had so far.

I'm a quarter cabinet customer with Globalfrag just in case anyone wants to know.

Thank you so much Kazah for everything you have done for me and my customers. and I'd like to say thank you. hence why I posted this review. Best experience in a long time.

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