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Looking for Reviews on different providers.
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Looking for Reviews on different providers.

JonchunJonchun Member, Provider

I picked up a nice domain, and I think it would be perfect for (yes, another one to many) a site that reviews hosts. I thought I'd take a slightly different approach and while it would have featured reviews from either me personally or someone else that was hired, it could also aggregate some reviews from WHT/LET/reddit and point out some hosts that have serious issues or strengths.

For example, I'll take a recent LET dramafest as an example. While my experience at Incero has been pretty exceptional, with the occasional curt response, it's clear from screenshots that sometimes they take it a bit overboard. Aggregating support quotes and screenshots from threads like this would let people easily conclude that Incero is a great provider if you truly do not need any support and are simply looking for a good deal. On the other hand, while RamNode advertises itself as an unmanaged provider, sometimes I feel I'm getting managed levels of service from those guys. Aside from once (which @Nick_A quickly reviewed and fixed), I've always been 100% satisfied with their support responses. However, their pricing is not quite at Incero's low-end levels, and they don't offer dedicated/colo etc. Yes, I know all of this has probably been done before, but this site would be a mixture of a public service and a hobby so it doesn't matter too much for me.

If anyone is interested in doing detailed reviews, please let me know if you'd like to be published, and how much you would charge per review. (only paid if exclusive to the site)

If anyone is interested in co-founding such a site, PM me with what you can offer and perhaps we can work something out.

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