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Server Opteron 1381 8GB 2X2TB for cpanel hosting
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Server Opteron 1381 8GB 2X2TB for cpanel hosting


Someone used this server that offers dacentec to install cpanel and offer shared hosting.

How many accounts could bear.

Currently I have 600 accounts on an Intel Xeon W3520 / 32 GB ECC / 2 x 2 TB SATA server (I am forced to migrate, because the CPU load goes about 70%).

Most of the sites using wordpress or joomla



  • Well it depends on alot of factors, how busy each site is etc. I would probably get a bigger dedi if I am going to host 600 accounts for future scalability.

    Typical guy

    Peering AS135103

  • Are you trying to move to a lower spec dedi with a weaker CPU due to a high CPU load?

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  • hopefully he is asking how many sites he should migrate over to take some load off the first server.

  • @TheOnlyDK said:
    Are you trying to move to a lower spec dedi with a weaker CPU due to a high CPU load?

    The idea is to know how well the server web hosting referred to can work. Clearly not move all accounts to only 1 server opteron

    example 1: use 1 server opteron + 1 vps kvm in LeaseWeb
    example 2: 2 servers opteron (KVM virtualized by cpanel license cost)

    Opteron cost only $20 montly

  • TheOnlyDKTheOnlyDK Member
    edited July 2015

    If your reason for the move is purely due to server load, why don't you get an additional opteron server? If the cost does matter then you clearly you didn't mention that in the OP.

    Anyways, the Opteron is about half the power of the Xeon and RAM of the Opteron is 1/4 of the Xeon. You will get more CPU power per GB of RAM from the Opteron setup, so it will always be faster to use the Opteron setup given that you use the same amount of RAM. I wouldn't recommend putting more than 250 on one server, in fact if I were you I would keep it at 200 per server. But you will have to factor in the cost for managing twice the server, twice the fees for cpanel licenses and twice the chance that a part of the server will fail. Your call, but yes it will be better to move.

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  • HostMyBytesHostMyBytes Member
    edited July 2015

    @TheOnlyDK gave some really solid advice.

    Let me just make a short addendum:

    -Make sure you are running software like CloudLinux to help with the loads and stop abusers. This is particularly important if you want to have 600 accounts on one server.

    -Consider running LiteSpeed or Nginx. It may really help your performance on the server.

    -Monitor the loads, and if the loads are high, stop adding new accounts. I think your server will max out around 200 accounts. Don't just set the server up and forget it (remember that resellers will have to add their customers, so add a cushion for this too).

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  • lovemindsloveminds Member
    edited July 2015

    I think he/she want moving some(Important! no whole node) accounts from the Xeon node to the new Opteron node, then how many accounts does he/she should move?

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  • I finally migrate accounts cpanel (200) to a KVM VPS Leaseweb

  • SadySady Member

    First off, how're you checking your CPU load? Is it somehow by uptime? Then most lilely it's not CPU load but iowait is.
    I don't think that 600 normal accounts are any issue on that Xeon so confirm if CPU is overloaded or IO.

    I don't have any relation/affiliation with any LET Host, All of my comments are my own
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  • Optimise your mysql config, lack of caching > more disk reads > more iowait > higher load...

    If you are running 90% Wordpress, then PHP will use almost no CPU as long as your mysql queries run fast.

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