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    Local are Network Help
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    Local are Network Help

    noamannoaman Member

    I am looking to make file transfer from mobile to easy.Basically I need to type in a IP address with port and proper protocol so to access files from my android phone.Now I am looking to convert the IP into a localhost domain like http://lgoptimusg/ Redirects to something like this or

    This is so that I can help my family members do it easy and they dont have to type difficult IP's
    P.S The Ip address will be static I know how to bind an IP to a MAC Address ...That Part I know already :-)


    • BochiBochi Member
      edited July 2015

      You might setup a local DNS server that does that "translation" for you, however port and protocol still have to be specified by your family members.
      AFAIK many modern routers already have some basic functionality built in to manage such local domain names.

      Read you question again and thought your question could also be understood in a different way,
      the answer would then be some additional reverse proxy to transparently redirect to those ports.

    • noamannoaman Member

      will look into that...I dont want my PC on 24/7 ..The modem/router has to have all this facilliities

    • Hi
      are these iptables rules correct....Can I use protocol in them?

      <br /> iptables -A PREROUTING -m tcp -p tcp --src ftp://lgoptimusg --sport 80 --dst --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT<br /> iptables -A PREROUTING -m udp -p udp --src ftp://lgoptimusg --sport 80 --dst --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT<br />

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