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Help us tagline/name, and win a free yearly VPS
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Help us tagline/name, and win a free yearly VPS

lele0108lele0108 Member
edited November 2012 in General

We're looking for some taglines for our new website that's in the works, and I can't think of anything (horrible with tags/names). Looking for some help from the community.

Main tag lines (for our hosting solution as a whole) should be about 3 words (following the 3 word tag marketing scheme here). Examples:

Complex made simple (iWeb)

Built to scale (MediaTemple)
Move with (mt) (MediaTemple)
Technology turned on (MediaTemple)
Brilliance has no limits neither do we (Bitcable)

We are offering the follow products. We need taglines for all of them as well. Creative names for them would be great (ex. Grid Hosting, Dedicated Virtual, etc.)

Dedicated Servers

Cloud Hosting
App Servers
VPS Hosting
Shared Hosting

Taglines for these should be around 3 words, but awesome ones that are a bit longer are fine. Examples can be seen on MediaTemple's product pages.

If we use your tagline/name, we'll throw you a free 128MB, 30GB, 500GB VPS for a year to say thanks.


~ Jimmy VortexUnit. Who likes poptart.cats?


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