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How can cisco certification help in webhosting business?
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How can cisco certification help in webhosting business?

I am planning to get cisco certified. My aim to find a system support staff job and then gradually improve my education and move up the ladder. Meanwhile I am administering couple of cPanel servers and providing webhosting services to my clients.

My question is will the certification help me in any way in webhosting business?



  • wychwych Member

    Its an accreditation (if you pass), weather you learn/benefit from what is in the course is upto you.

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  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    I'm taking cisco courses now. It's pretty interesting and the certificate won't hurt. Especially if the company you send your CV to is operating on cisco hardware.

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  • Is there any case where more knowledge is hurtful?


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  • ehabehab Member

    @HostMyBytes said:
    Is there any case where more knowledge is hurtful?


    it hurts ... the more i learn the more i realize i know nothing.

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  • It's more for consultants.

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  • If you're using Cisco equipment sure but Microsoft, relevant tend to be more desirable here

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  • sinsin Member

    We had CISCO Networking courses in high school, they were 2 blocks long so 3 hours every other day...I remember changing all the lab names to PENIS. The tests CISCO gave were difficult as hell for all of us in those closes, just the way they worded shit. We spent a hell of a long time on learning subnetting too.

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