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ARIN costs, wait time, probability, etc
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ARIN costs, wait time, probability, etc

1) We have always rented our ips but seeing that ipv4 space is almost at an end, I was thinking of applying for a /24 . I have read their fee schedule at, from the looks of it, its going to be reg+ASN+allotment, something in the order of almost $1500 first time ? then an annual of xx-small $500 ?

2) If i have very solid justification , what chances do i have of getting the space because I am sure a lot other people will be applying too.

3) If the application moves ahead, what is the time frame of registration > application > allotment ?

4) What does ARIN expect in terms of utilization for us to keep the ipv4s that were allotted ? If we are using all the ipv4s is that good enough a reason. Plus can they revoke an assignment for non-use ?

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