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ChicagoVPS hacked, bunch of VPS customers offline

ChicagoVPS hacked, bunch of VPS customers offline

pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
edited November 2012 in General

Got an email 2+ hours ago directly from ChicagoVPS (am a customer):


re: Chicago VPS11, Chicago VPS12, Chicago VPS14, Chicago VPS16, Chicago VPS17, Chicago VPS26, Chicago VPS28, Chicago VPS29, Chicago VPS30, Chicago VPS31

ChicagoVPS experienced a brute force on the SolusVM API for the administrative section. This caused the above affected nodes to become compromised before we were able to stop the attack.

What does this mean? Currently the VM's on these nodes are being recovered to the fullest ability of Chicago VPS staff from the incomplete data destruction process and from central backups. Any VM's unable to be recreated from the remaining data or from backups will be created fresh.

ChicagoVPS is committed to customer satisfaction and any way in our ability will do what we can to get everyone back up and going as fast and as best as we can.

We will post additional updates on twitter and facebook and from time to time send out an email regarding the current status of the progress.

If you have any questions in the mean time, feel free to directly email me at [email protected]


Jeremiah L. Shinkle Chief Networking Officer ChicagoVPS



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