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    Some questions about ordering Kimsufi
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    Some questions about ordering Kimsufi

    PcNyPcNy Member

    Knowing Kimsufi offers KS-1 at cheap price per month, I've decided to give it a go. If I got this it will be first time using a dedicated server. I'm monitoring availability for KS-1 in Canada location.

    • Does Kimsufi accept order from Non-US, Non-EU customers? I'm from Asia.
    • Does it take more hassle for Asian customers to get one? Like longer or more troublesome validation process.
    • Does VAT only apply for EU customers?
    • Is PayPal recommended for ordering with Kimsufi? I heard that if your registration name and PayPal name are not identical, you will have to submit more documents to them. Is it true? Any recommendations for smooth ordering/registration?

    Thank you.


    • HI PcNy,

      1/2) Kimsufi does accept international orders however be prepared to provide proof of identity.

      3) In terms of VAT, this should be refundable, but you will have to contact them re this.

      4) To make your validation process easier - I'd probably go for a Credit Card purchase. PayPal accounts are very easy to get & often used in fraudulent transactions. Buisness logic will be for them to further vet you and causing a further delay on your deployment.

      Thanked by 2Maximum_VPS PcNy

      Security Consultant

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