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Runabove verification...?
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Runabove verification...?

swainswain Member

I was wondering how the verification process has gone for you guys. Last week I registered for runabove and sent the ticket with my information phone, etc. So part of their verification is calling your phone as you all well know. Since I live in California(PST) their calls all come in extremely early (5:00pm GMT +2 at the latest). The First call I missed was at 6 am pst and the second at 8 am pst. I get that they need to verify to prevent fraud, however, why can't they use an automated phone system? So I have essentially been trying to get verified for over a week to no avail.

Its a little frustrating so I felt the need to fume a little. I was curious how the verification went for you guys? I typically only hear positive things.

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