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In this Discussion - fradulent history - fradulent history

InfinityInfinity Member, Provider
edited October 2012 in General

So I've seen this @fhdc guy posting offers for his "company" around a few times, and I didn't really want to de-rail someone elses thread so I'ma post it here...

I'm sorry to have to break your bubble, @fhdc, as we can see you have come here for the sole purpose of advertising his "company" and not contributing to the community in the slightest way, but hey that's alright. What's bad is the fact you're hiding your identity.

Lets put the lame "company" name aside, some people who were here at LET a while back might remember this thread This same guy that created and (or, can't remember) and has scammed many datacenters and designers with his "companies" that die after he gets exposed.

At least this time he's trying to hide his traces with whois protection and using the name David. What makes it really obvious is the "Radio Sponsorship", he seems to love that for some reason and also that he's using RazorServers which I recommended to him before I knew he was a fraud and also his trait of using multiple addresses for "offices" etc.

Now maybe he's sincerely changed and is not doing anything dodgy, but looking at the list of sites he's created and the number of scams he's done it doesn't look like he'll go any other way.

Oh and just for some more lolz, he's still got Server4You's meta tags in his website.

TL;DR Don't buy anything from @fhdc - he's a known scammer. Tread carefully.



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