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Looking for resellers/partners - Windows setup: own client key
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Looking for resellers/partners - Windows setup: own client key

servnetservnet Member
edited June 2015 in Offers

We are looking for resellers/partners for our Windows setup service where Windows can be installed on servers like Hetzner, OVH, Kimsufi, SoYouStart, and others with own license key or evaluation. The unique requirement is ability to boot server from LINUX rescue system. Ability to use own Windows license than purchase expensive SPLA licenses provided by Data Centers. Versions available: Windows 2008 R2 - Web Edition 64 Bit, Windows 2008 R2 - Standard Edition 64 Bit, Windows 2008 R2 - Enterprise Edition 64 Bit, Windows 2008 R2 - Data Center Edition 64 Bit, Windows 2012 - Standard Edition 64 Bit, Windows 2012 R2 - Standard Edition 64 Bit, Windows 2012 R2 - Data Center Edition 64 Bit, Windows 7 - Ultimate 64 Bit. Please, pm if interested.


  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider
    edited June 2015

    Shouldn't this be in Offers category?

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  • I don't want to burst the op's dreams but he just joined today and it is against let's rules to post offers unless he meets the rules:

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  • NyrNyr Member

    You aren't going to have much luck selling that. Any competent sysadmin will do it by himself, and premade images were posted in this forum for the less technical people.

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  • I don't completely understand what you're asking for, but if it's any help I could sell you some windows server licence keys - I could also give you a discount if you're interested in buying in bulk? All keys come directly from microsoft and are completely legitimate, and if in the very unlikely case there is an incident where one of the keys don't work, I'll replace it for free. PM m if you're interested, or give me a quick e-mail at [email protected] .

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  • Hi everyone,
    This service isn't about licenses. When order Windows server from datacenter you usually have 2 choices: Provide your valid license to datacenter or pay their license monthly fee.
    This windows install can be made via rescue system without any datacenter intervention, where the client can use their own licenses or trials. This service is the same as our competitor is offering here:

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