[UK] VirtIO SSD VPS - 50% Off + FREE CDN, DNS & Backups

[UK] VirtIO SSD VPS - 50% Off + FREE CDN, DNS & Backups

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VirtIO provides premium SSD based hosting solutions on ENTERPRISE grade hardware in CustodianDC's facility in Kent, England. We offer high performance solutions at affordable prices without cutting any corners on quality - You'll always be getting the best with VirtIO.

Need server management? We can handle this for a small monthly fee. We'll be happy to work with you.


Our VPS nodes are powered by OnApp Cloud and use KVM virtualisation.

Our standard node specification HP DL120 G7 Chassis 4x Xeon E3-1240 @ 3.30GHz Cores + HT 16GB DDR3 memory Pure SSD storage Up to 230K IOPS Up to 1900/1700 MB/s read/write speed

Benchmarks? Here's a GeekBench test done on a 512MB VirtIO VPS - Over 7000! And Serverbear went well too!


We only chose the finest networks and datacentres here in the UK. If they won't deliver a consistently unrivalled service, we won't put your data in the building. CustodianDC Data Center (Kent, England) Private Multi-Redundant Network (AS50300) Native IPv6 Connectivity Bandwidth from Level3.

Test IP: (Ping/Traceroute friendly) Test Download: http://test.virt.io/100mb.test

VirtIO 1 - £7/pm £3.50/pm with coupon code: 96ZMR4BLYI (ORDER)

256MB RAM 1 vCPU 3GB SSD Storage 100GB Premium Monthly Bandwidth Free DDoS Protected AnyCasted DNS for your Domain Names! (NEW) 100GB Global CDN Bandwidth.

Any questions? Please visit our website to contact support for a friendly chat about what we can offer you. Alternatively, ask below! We look forward to working with you!

VirtIO - Premium SSD Powered VPS Hosting.



  • Vouch for VirtIO! :)

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  • Looks interesting. The tiny disk is the and small bandwidth makes it non doable for me though.

    Will be keeping an eye on virt.io's offers though, some interesting stuff in the mix like the Anycast DNS and CDN included.

  • jhjh Member

    @pubcrawler said: Will be keeping an eye on virt.io's offers though, some interesting stuff in the mix like the Anycast DNS and CDN included.

    Thanks. Feel free to contact me if you need a little more of anything - can quote competitively.

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  • More folks should be looking for additional competitive free addons, perks, etc. Beyond more RAM, more disk, more throughput. @jhadley certainly you are on to something.

  • @pubcrawler A CDN goes a long way in improving load times, so I believe that it's cool that @jhadley made it part of the package :) Good luck with your offer.

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  • @marcm, agreed on the CDN part.

    We string nodes and real servers all over the place to accomplish the same general idea.

    CDNs are interesting, but can be a PITA and lots of over-dependence on them.

    Really aren't any cheap CDN solutions that have great coverage in all places. Big gaps in the cheap CDNs for Asia, Africa and South America.

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  • It is. CDN77

    ~ Jimmy VortexUnit. Who likes poptart.cats?
  • ElliotJElliotJ Administrator

    @lele0108 said: It is. CDN77

    Sorta, not exactly :P

    CDN77 uses OnApp's CDN Federation as their backbone - Regardless, it's a pretty nice CDN. I'm currently using MaxCDN, but I'll be switching to CDN77 shortly due to it's widely expanding (and surprisingly cheap) network.

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  • That OnApp CDN sounds interesting as does CDN77.

    Pricing on CDN77 isn't cheap though.

    $49 / per TB in US and EU.

    $125 / per TB in Asia

    $150 / per TB in Australia

    $180 / per TB in India

  • OnApp seems to be a provider solution with $$ cost for the software and management.

    Interesting model from OnApp.

  • ElliotJElliotJ Administrator

    @pubcrawler said: Pricing on CDN77 isn't cheap though.

    It's cheap considering their large network; MaxCDN has pretty much 0 coverage in Asia, and only 2 POPs in Europe and still charges ~$80/TB. If you were to go via RackSpace Cloud Files (powered by Akamai) you'll be paying $184 / TB, regardless of the locations served, (Not including storage costs) which seems significantly more expensive.

    Knowing that the majority of my traffic comes from Europe and North America, It's definitely more cost efficient to use CDN77. That said; as it's effectively a 'crowd sourced' CDN platform, it'd be interesting to see how well it performs, and how reliable it is.

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