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NyrNyr Member

Does anyone have experiences with this ISP?

I'm specifically interested to know how's the network.


  • They have a child project - cheap server in Moscow in DC nord3 (where and Hosting

    In principle, they have a normal network. But protection against DDoS attacks do not provide, block IP. At the prices you can find and cheaper, for example (for ddos also block IP on 12 hour)

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  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider
    edited June 2015

    Personally, I have not dealt with however expect typical speeds within Russia. International speeds will depend on their peers such as Anders Telecom.

    Their looking glass may help you to analysis routes:
    There is also a speedtest file on

    If international traffic is important, I would suggest you consider the big four in Russia: Rostelecom - Optimal to EU/Asia (dominant ISP)

    Transtelecom - Optimal to EU/Asia

    Megafon - EU mainly

    Beeline/Vimpelcom - Suitable for EU/domestic

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  • NyrNyr Member

    @deployvm I hadn't seen the looking glass, thank you.

    I am aware of the bigger ISPs, but am interested in Agava in particular for this task, since I need connectivity to be as closer as possible to their network. They look decent, so I'll give a try :)

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