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PHP script for starting/stopping custom services
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PHP script for starting/stopping custom services

gsrdgrdghdgsrdgrdghd Member
edited November 2011 in General

I have a LEB with some game servers on it. However i can't run all the gameservers at the same time because of CPU/RAM usage so i just turn them on and off when i need them.
Is there some PHP script that would let me do this via a webinterface? Most gameservers have custom startup scripts and run inside a screen. The script would just have to be able to start/stop a service and tell if it was running.
Thanks in advance


  • Cron maybe?

    Really depends on the specific gameservers that you are trying to run. Some of them have either built in functions that will allow you to do this and/or requirements that mean that they shouldn't be started in such a way.

  • Just use shell_exec.

    If you need it to gain root, use ssh2 on localhost.

    The Original Daniel.

  • @drmike said: Cron maybe?

    Nah i don't want them to be started/stopped at certain times/intervalls.
    I am running 2 HL2 based servers (Killing Floor and Pirates, Vikings and Knights), Minecraft and Battlefield 1942. Usually i run the servers like this:
    screen -S pvkii ./srcds_i486 -game pvkii +map bt_island +maxplayers 18 -console -autoupdate -secure

    @Daniel said: Just use shell_exec.

    That looks good to start the servers, but i don't know how i could use it to check if a server is running or stop it.

  • mrm2005mrm2005 Member
    edited November 2011


    Google found these:

    For Minecraft :

    for HL2 (may also works with minecraft too):

    and a commercial package :

  • @gsrdgrdghd said: That looks good to start the servers, but i don't know how i could use it to check if a server is running or stop it.

    Pidfiles. look some init scripts and use the same strategy (or check start-stop-daemon, on debian).

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  • Why not create a bash file? (.sh)
    And can i ask wich VPS you got and from wich Provider?

  • MrAndroidMrAndroid Member
    edited November 2011

    I used these sort of commands for my Minecraft Panel, they will probably be useful.

    Submitting Text/Command (e.g. send save to a game server) to a Screen Session - screen -p 0 -S (screen name) -X eval 'stuff \"save\"\015'

    Checking if a Program is Online - ps ax | grep -v grep | grep -v -i SCREEN | grep (binary name)

    The Original Daniel.

  • That would mean checking once for each.

    ps -e -orss=,args= | sort -b -k1,1n | pr -TW$COLUMNS |tail -n1

    That will show the process using the most memory (aka the game server) running a l4d server it shows

    324600 ./srcds_linux l4d -autoupdate +ip ........ etc (the whole command used to start the server)

    Then in PHP look for the game, in this case l4d - if you get a match its running

  • LongShotLongShot Member
    edited November 2011

    Web-based Webmin has a module that allows you to start/stop programs by clicking on a button.

  • LongShotLongShot Member
    edited November 2011

    I run my game servers using the "nohup" prefix on the command line (not "screen"). Is there an advantage to using "screen"?

  • you can reattach a screen if needed. For game servers it may be useful to see output but i highly doubt it.

    Webmin will be doing something similar to one of the commands shown in this thread

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