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LFCVPS: 1GB XenPV VPS for $6.50/month

LFCVPS: 1GB XenPV VPS for $6.50/month

jeff_lfcvpsjeff_lfcvps Member
edited October 2012 in Offers

Use the direct order link below -- no promotional code is required

LEB-USA-1GB ($6.50/month):

VPS Node Type 1:

  • ASUS Z9PE-D16 Server Motherboard
  • 2 x Hexa-Core Intel Xeon E5-NNNN CPUs with Hyper-Threading
  • 64GB of ECC DDR3-1600 RAM (minimum)
  • Adaptec 6805 w/ write-caching enabled (Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection)
  • 8 x Seagate 15,000RPM 600GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID-6/10)

VPS Node Type 2:

  • ASUS Z8PE-D12 Server Motherboard
  • 2 x Quad-Core Intel E55NN CPUs with Hyper-Threading (16 cores)
  • 48GB Registered ECC DDR-1333 RAM
  • Adaptec 5805 w/ write caching enabled (BBU)
  • 8 x Seagate 6Gb/s 600GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID-10)

Why choose LFCVPS:

  • Parent Company (LFCHosting) has been in business since 1996
  • No overselling
  • You control your rDNS (both IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Includes DNS hosting
  • CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, Scientific Linux
  • Includes free backups (7 daily, 3 weekly, 1 user controlled) and the ability to securely access them using FTP-SSL or restore them

US Network and Datacenter:


We can be reached at sales (at)

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  • I decided to upgrade from a smaller package to this special and jeff hooked me up quick.

    I really can't believe what I'm getting for $6.50 now :) LFC has been one of my most stable VPSes and they have absolutely every feature I could ask for and amazing stability.

  • Those are some beefy nodes, offers looks great too. Always great seeing access to 4 cores on smaller plans.

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  • @JoeMerit, thanks -- as long as I keep balltongu away :)

    @serverbear, we take a lot of pride in the hardware we pick for our nodes. With the CPUs we have, there's no sense really in going less -- we monitor CPU usage closely and it's not even a factor.

  • @serverbear and @jeff_lfcvps - my comment doesn't reflect on this offer, as it is a solid offer - with solid nodes running on solid hardware :) I got Xeon E5 nodes as well, and they are awesome. I actually wanted to comment on this marketing myth that more "cores" assigned to a VPS is somehow better. For example in XenPV you can set a weight for the CPU "cores" that you assign. I have been marketing for my E3 nodes 4 cores and 8 threads, but the way I adjusted the CPU weights those 8 threads (or 8 vCPUs) perform the same as @jeff_lfcvps 4 cores or my own 2 cores on KVM (comparing 1GB packages), anywhere between 1200 to 1600 Unix Bench points. For KVM the easiest way to control CPU resources is via vCPU assignment. We went from 4 cores to 2 cores for 1GB KVM plans, and now customers are actually getting better performance, especially on the single CPU quad core nodes. Maybe @serverbear can better illustrate in one of his excellently written blog posts the relation between real performance and the number of assigned vCPUs for VPS servers. Best of luck with this offer :)

  • @marcm, It also depends on your workload -- single threaded programs are still common but there are always tasks waiting in the background to get their chance at being run.

  • Speedtest from all over is slow. 2-3M/s

  • marcmmarcm Member
    edited October 2012

    @jeff_lfcvps My comment doesn't have anything to do with your offer, which is great by the way. Even I got one to throw a PowerDNS slave on there, I hope you don't mind ;) I was looking at @serverbear's comment and was thinking about how some people make a direct comparison between core allocation in Xen and KVM, that's all. While with Xen you can have extremely granular control over the assigned vCPUs, in KVM you are limited (for now at least) to assigning just enough cores for the VPS to have optimal performance. Thanks God for RedHat pushing NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library) ten years ago, because it takes pretty good care of multi-threading no matter how many cores you have :) Solus Labs could do a better job with their libvirt/KVM implementation, but I guess they're to busy playing cricket or something. They also promised "properly supported" Xen support for CentOS 6, but that's nowhere to be seen either (I know RHEL dropped official support from RHEL 6, but still). Anyway, I don't want to derail this thread, my observations where purely scientific, nothing to do with the actual offer. Again, great offer, I wish you the best of luck with it.

  • What's the port speed for the vps?traceroute is snappy to my ISP. - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • @marcm, na, I knew that. No issues at all with PowerDNS, I'm a big PowerDNS fan :)

    @pubcrawler, which speed test are you using? I know the one we seem to do terrible on but honestly, we've had no real complaints about speed once the VPS is actually being used instead of being used solely for benchmarks.

    @cosmicgate, should be gige.

  • cosmicgatecosmicgate Member
    edited October 2012

    @Jeff_lfcvps: I assume it's equally shared gige? - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • @cosmicgate, yes, everyone on that node has to share it.

  • @jeff_lfcvps - Great deal! Do we get the option of different location?

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  • @iwebsource, Sorry, it's only in Denver right now.

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