Checkmyservers beta is over?

Checkmyservers beta is over?

zhuanyizhuanyi Member
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Decided to take a look at Checkmyservers today and noticed my account was deleted. Got a user-name does not exists error. Just wondering if everyone's checkmyserver beta account is still alive?

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  • Did not work for some time now.....

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  • I simply haven't had much time to work on CheckMyServers lately. There are a few problems that I have to fix and a few more features I'd like to implement, but there's simply not enough hours in the day, unfortunately. I do plan to finish the project and open the service, but right now, I can't say for sure when that will be. I do promise, however, that everyone who participated in the beta program will receive monitoring for free for life, when I do get back to it.

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  • @NickM said: receive monitoring for free for life


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  • @NickM said: but there's simply not enough hours in the day, unfortunately

    Every day, a lot of us are looking for a 25th hour :-D So hope to see you "back" soon!

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  • @Miky ... Need more like 50/day.

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