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NodeDeploy - All servers under intermittent DDoS Attacks
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NodeDeploy - All servers under intermittent DDoS Attacks

PhilNDPhilND Member
edited October 2012 in Providers

Just letting everyone know that all of our servers are under intermittent DDoS attacks, we are working our datacenters to try and resolve these issues,

Servers currently under attack
Helios - Dual Gbit (Not really effecting it)
Zeus - Gbit (Approx 70% packet loss)
Aura - Gbit (Approx 70% packet loss)
Ophion - Gbit (Packet Loss aswell)

We will keep you updated at and in this thread. | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed


  • Aura and Zeus are both back up.
    The attack on Helios is also blocked.

    Ophion is still under attack | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • Didn't pay your dues to the local mafia?

    When you find that perfect VPS, KEEP IT.

  • All servers are now online. | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • i have 3 vps at Ophion , but i see that , this server too busy.. load more that 100 at some time

  • @zc035 It's due to abusers trashing the CPU, io and network is fine.. just people like to bitcoin mine etc. | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • Got two boxes on Helios.. thanks to solve that... Working for me fine now... But my two tickets still not solved (rDNS) ... But now I know why ;)

    A Happy customer

  • KVM OFFLINE..............

  • Yes, Scheduled maint, we sent an email 10 days ago. Everything is online at this moment in time. | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • I think NodeDeploy is a liar.

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  • @helone said: I think NodeDeploy is a liar.

    How did you make that assumption? I highly doubt Phil would lie to his potential/current customers.

    A bit of advice, find evidence before making random assumptions

  • As Hyperion back up, my data gone. It seems you just give me a fresh new box. Where do my data go?

  • @Helone I assume you're the guy that had a custom ISO mounted? We remove them after you have installed your operating system. If the ISO doesn't exist, it doesn't boot.


    Do you have a ticket number please? | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • @Phil,
    ticket #693753's answer: customer's re-installation, done at 28/10/2012 03:53 (your server time).

    I am a new customer, got the box yesterday, had it setup, just waked up at 9h15am (MDT) to check but found it offline. I then tried reboot it because I was not aware of the maintenance. Not sure why the reboot request was translated into a reinstall one using the exact template I used before; maybe because doing that while the system under maintenance caused the improper functionality

    It not an issue however because my data are still on my other server, just wait and see. Otherwise, the box is awesome and thank you for the great service.

  • @tinray

    Hi, the logs in SolusVM show that you submitted a re-installation request rather than a reboot request.

    Phil | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • Very unusual for a provider to open a thread here referring to an issue on their end. LET is usually just customers posting about problems with their VPS servers.

  • Wish more providers used this site and the others to update status of major issues and outages. :)

  • @pubcrawler this is something we agree about.

  • We like being as transparent as possible, better to put it out to as many sources as possible because not everyone reads our status page or twitter :-) | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • TBH I dont like this becoming the place to put out emergency stuff... Maybe a special section where ppl can look in case they cant contact provider.
    Even better is some redundant web presence.

    Extremist conservative user, I wish to preserve human and civil rights, free speech, freedom of the press and worship, rule of law, democracy, peace and prosperity, social mobility, etc. Now you can draw your guns.

  • @Maounique

    Our main site never went down, we posted here to try and prevent a influx of tickets and make sure as many of our customers as possible were aware of the issues we were facing. Some people like that, some people don't. It is better to make sure as many people as possible are aware as a lot of people do not follow our twitter or are unaware of our status page ( | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

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