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Sale on OpenVZ DDR4 SSD in Tampa
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Sale on OpenVZ DDR4 SSD in Tampa

komputerkingkomputerking Member, Provider
edited June 2015 in Offers

Tampa OpenVZ SSD server is up and running

Test your Speed

Until the end of June 2015, we are offering 70% off on your first month.

Coupon Code: lettampapromo

Select a SSD server package that is right for you at the following url

Check out our most popular SSD Package


  • $4.99 monthly ($1.50 with coupon code)
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4
  • OpenVZ & SolusVM
  • Add to Cart


  • ehabehab Member

    ips, looking glass helps :)

    • do not prepay > 1 year and check for reviews/support
    • only use monthly from a provider operating < 1 year 🍆
  • komputerkingkomputerking Member, Provider

    Here, you can use the following to test your connection speed

    I'll add it to the original post

  • Game servers allowed? CSGO L4D2?

  • DDR4 RAM? Cauz that's only mentioned in the title and nowhere else.

    ¦ x64Dash ¦

  • komputerkingkomputerking Member, Provider

    The Tampa location is hivelocity, which makes use of DDR4 ram.

  • komputerkingkomputerking Member, Provider

    @TheOnlyDK said:
    Game servers allowed? CSGO L4D2?

    Sure. You are welcome to use it for what you desire, as long as it does not abuse the cpu, smtp, bandwidth, and not used for illegal activities.

  • TheOnlyDKTheOnlyDK Member
    edited June 2015

    The Rules:

    VPS must not exceed USD$7/month recurring on monthly billing, with no setup fee, or

    VPS must not exceed USD$48/year recurring on annual billing, with no setup fee, if the provider has been in business for more than a year

  • komputerkingkomputerking Member, Provider

    The coupon code provided, lettampapromo, was set to only work for the monthly rate for all of those plans. The monthly plan falls below the USD$7 a month.

    Does it need to pass both cases, even if the promotion is only for the monthly rate?

    Regardless, I have updated the SSD plan that was promoted to only allow for recurring monthly purchase to prevent confusion, and to fall without the promotion rules.

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