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Cheap Dedicated Servers

Cheap Dedicated Servers

definedcodedefinedcode Member
edited October 2012 in General


I'm in the market for a dedicated server. Currently I have a Kimsufi 2G but the I/O speeds are terrible.

Now what I want is 2GB ram, an SSD, 100mbit (or preferably 1GBIT) connection, and roughly 1-5TB bandwidth.

Now if any providers could do a deal with a price comparable to the Kimsufi 2G then I'd be interested (or maybe a slightly higher price).

I've deliberately left out the CPU because I'm unsure which you would be able to provide.


Defined Code Ltd

VPS Services in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Strasbourg, France - - All owned hardware in NL and UK. Email [email protected] for UK services, software development and systems administration.


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