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what do i need to start a vpn business?
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what do i need to start a vpn business?

cosmicgatecosmicgate Member
edited October 2012 in General

dedicated server or vps?

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  • @cosmicgate It depends on your budget. I would always recommend using a dedicated server that you can then partition into Virtual Machines :)

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  • You could probably use a VPS if you're able to find one with a decent uplink, but I've seen several providers who mention in their TOS that while VPNs are allowed, they're only for personal use.

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  • I don't use these and don't sell these.

    I'd be looking for a server to virtualize. Full control of it. Lots of options out there.

    That plus redundancy plans.

    Control software to manage the accounts and keep people within the bounds of plans is the big thing.

    Do that and target folks in near proximity to the actual servers. For instance, if you have servers in Chicago, Illinois, USA, I'd be marketing creatively to end consumers in and around that metro. Otherwise you are here swimming with the feeders and the industry sharks :)

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  • Looks like getting dedicated is the way to go.
    Things I have right now:

    • whmcs
    • own coded software for control automation (creation,termination,quota with whmcs)
    • own coded all in one GUI for vpn (openvpn,l2tp/ipsec and pptp)
    • A nice 3 letter vpn domain
    • partially finished webpage.
    • a godzzillion vps that I do not use.

    I'T's just a side project that I've been working on the the past 6 months and was just thinking if I want to market it as I own one of the a very good domain for this kind of service. $$$ is not an issue but time is.

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  • One thing you probably haven't thought of is the CPU required for the crypto, depends on the cyphers you're using though.

    Try loading up OpenVPN and streaming a few youtube videos at the same time, look at the CPU load, then multiply it by the number of users you'd expect to see on that box.
    Then, consider how much a VPS provider would hate you :P

    Also, you'll need to expect a ton of abuse reports. Your average LEB provider will start to hate you after the first few - Spam, torrents, all that fun stuff.
    Either find a provider that doesn't mind all that stuff, (Sales call, @William) or get your own IPs, or.. y'know, both.

    tl;dr version. If you intend to have more than a few people, get a dedicated server (perhaps with hardware crypto acceleration) and your own IPs.

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  • I think you can get SWIPd from BuyVM and probably also other providers. I guess you should be looking for ones with their own AS.

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  • benc555benc555 Member
    edited October 2012

    Elliot is spot on. You'll probably need someone to strictly handle legal requests, and you will probably need to find a provider that specifically allows VPN hosting. If you plan on selling it, you'll need to make sure it's strictly allowed. Good luck!

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  • Didn't mean to "thank". Anyways, yeah @ElliotJ is 100% correct in what he's saying.

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  • jarjar Provider
    edited October 2012

    I've got a couple people running small VPN business on our vps. As a provider I have to be careful that two clients don't have 400 clients under them that take up everything I have to offer, and that's a challenge. I think I handle it pretty well, and I've been as considerate as I can in dealing with it. I don't think most providers would want to deal with it on their vps systems and I don't blame them one bit.

    All that to say, while it works on a vps, get a dedicated. They're so cheap, VPN takes so little hardware, relative to a vps node. It's all about the network.

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  • I suppose that you know how to set-up a VPN on Linux?

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