Getting last download time CentOS
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Getting last download time CentOS

Hi All,

I have a site where I do store backups in folder called backup in root directory of my site . One of my friend find the loop hole and said , I can able to download the file from backup folder and also I can see all thing in the SQL. But I didnt , I just viewed the structure of the site in that sql and get few informations.

As he says he didnt download but he did view the things through UNIX command , I just want to confirm that whether he downloaded the files or not.

Can anyone help is there any command to see whether the files was downloaded in full or connection stopped when downloading the file.

It is an PrestaShop Ecommerce site. I had its Database backup in xxxx.sql form in backup folder. - I belive we can get these sort of tings from some logs or somehow.

And also he said he do find that folder through scanning the server. Any idea how he did ?


  • What web server are you using? You can probably find the logs in /var/log/...

    In hiawatha you can check the access logs (/var/log/hiawatha/site/access.log) and it will show you something like this :|Tue 09 Jun 2015 05:32:09 +0200|200|94028001|user|GET /Downloads/ HTTP/1.0|User-Agent: Wget/1.12 (linux-gnu)|Accept: /|Host:|Connection: keep-alive

    94028001 (94mb) would show how much of was downloaded by ip

  • I am using Cpanel and the webserver is Apache.
    @grillmaster your help really appreciated.

  • I am guessing you are using shared hosting. You may have to ask your host whether you can view the access logs or not. Otherwise, the location of them would be set in your apache configuration file. Apache isn't very secure by default, so you will probably want to password protect the backup directory and also make an .htaccess rule to refuse connections to it.

  • access logs should be in a folder called access logs when you FTP into your box.

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