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Tips for running OVZ inside KVM effectively

Tips for running OVZ inside KVM effectively

craigbcraigb Member
edited October 2012 in Help

So its come up a few times about running OVZ inside KVM.... @chief mentioned it previously a few times, most recently as an example way to 'bundle' your OS to make migrations between providers easier (in the context of those paying month to month).

The google summary seems to be: its doable and performance doesn't have to suck - but was hoping peeps that have experience doing this can share any tips.

In terms of efficient IO, is VT-D passthru possible thru all 3 layers?)

Assume a single IP for now (so port forwarding or similar network setup).


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  • ZenZen Member

    From a hosts point of view.. what is regular for great I/O (and this is for big servers, but I wouldn't do nested virtualization on anything smaller in production ) I think many use 8-12 disk arrays, SSD caching to improve I/O, customized OVZ kernels which I cannot give information on. That's all I can think of right now after just waking up relating to performance, but that's from a hosts point of view.

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  • We played with it, the outcome is nasty.

    Maybe if you could use debian as the base OS with ext4 on the guest, it could pull some decent results. But then you need to find a panel that can run on debian.

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  • @GetKVM_Ash thanks Ash but don't need a panel - its for private use...

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  • miTgiBmiTgiB Member, Provider

    @GetKVM_Ash said: But then you need to find a panel that can run on debian.

    I know @Chief uses Proxmox in his KVM and loves it.

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  • JackJack Member, Provider

    @miTgiB's node work pretty good for it!

    I was getting 200MB/s through to the KVM box and the OVZ's inside it.

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  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    It works, not even so bad. No modifications needed except the NAT (can't comment on that, i always had enough IPs for it)

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  • OpenVZ inside KVM? why not trying nested KVM? :D

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  • Go for it with Debian then I'd say if your cool with just using vzctl at command line.

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  • @Mon5t3r :) indeed...maybe I'll try that after to see just how hard the virt gods punish me ;p

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  • @craigb I would say that for best I/O performance you should make sure that VirtIO is enabled and set the Linux I/O scheduler to "noop". You can do that by editing grub.cfg or menu.lst (depending on your distro) and add to the "kernel" line "elevator=noop" - and of course reboot. You can also switch the scheduler on the fly but I would say that this is safer. By doing this I/O should pass trough all the layers down to the host node.

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  • @marcm the IO scheduler tip looks very interesting - will try that out - thanks!

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  • It was just like someone saying or DamnVPS or ThrustVPS which is running vps inside a vps :D

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  • Heh, thinking about that, timing attacks would reveal that...

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  • I just remember i still have OWP installed in one of my testbed KVM. seems good so far, it's idling anyway but still good. :P

    Yes! I'm with Carstensz Pyramid Server Now stop asking me please :D
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