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[US/NC] 3.50/month Ram: 512MB/ Burst: 768 MB HD: 50GB BW:600GB Port: 1Gbps
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[US/NC] 3.50/month Ram: 512MB/ Burst: 768 MB HD: 50GB BW:600GB Port: 1Gbps

edited October 2012 in Offers

Today we have a new limited offer for the rest of the month! Take advantage of this offer before it expires. This is really 3.50 a month and you do NOT have to pay quarterly to get this price. However, Quarterly boosts a price of 3.25 a month :)

OpenVZ / SolusVM - North Carolina, US

Ram: Dedicated 512MB / Burst 768MB Storage: 50GB Port: 1Gbps Bandwidth: 600GB IPv4: 1 IPv6: Coming Soon! Q4 2012 Pricing: Monthly: 3.50

Additional IP Addresses Available!

Need additional IPs? We got you covered! (Note: Every VPS comes standard with 1 IP.)

1 Additional Monthly: 1.50

2 Additional Monthly: 2.75

3 Additional Monthly: 3.75

Secure Shopping Cart Link

Test / AUP Information

Test IP: Test File: TOS/AUP:

Crystal UGVPS



  • Creation Date: 02-oct-2012

    Fresh blood or Dan Fry?

  • I like the layout of the plans on the order page. Gives a lot of choices.

    Do you do custom plans?

  • SpiritSpirit Disabled
    edited October 2012

    @breton said: Fresh blood or Dan Fry?

    Not Dann F. this time.. it seems.

  • No we are a completely new company on let/leb without any history or involvement of any previous company on here. We can do custom plans you can shoot us an email at [email protected] with your needs/wants with a budget range and we will work something out :)

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