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... / OVZ / Unmetered / DDoS protection / Geolocalization / IPv6 / PayPal, Bitpay & Stripe / from $1
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... / OVZ / Unmetered / DDoS protection / Geolocalization / IPv6 / PayPal, Bitpay & Stripe / from $1

... hosts unmanaged virtual private servers via OVH and Fiberhub. Here are some new offers for early June!

Bandwidth is either metered (burstable to 1Gbps) or unmetered (upgradeable to 100Mbps), your choice.


2Mbps Unmetered or 2TB  
22GB HDD  
222MB RAM  
222MB VSwap  
$12.22 / year

3Mbps Unmetered or 3TB  
33GB HDD  
333MB RAM  
333MB VSwap  
$13.33 / year

4Mbps Unmetered or 4TB  
44GB HDD  
444MB RAM  
444MB VSwap  
$4.44 / quarter  
$14.44 / year

The given  
5Mbps Unmetered or 5TB  
55GB HDD  
555MB RAM  
555MB VSwap  
$5.55 / quarter
$15.55 / year

Material implication  
6Mbps Unmetered or 6TB  
66GB HDD  
666MB RAM  
666MB VSwap  
$6.66 / quarter  
$16.66 / year

7Mbps Unmetered or 7TB  
77GB HDD  
777MB RAM  
777MB VSwap  
$7.77 / quarter  
$17.77 / year

Tabula rasa  
8Mbps Unmetered or 8TB  
88GB HDD  
888MB RAM  
888MB VSwap  
$8.88 / quarter  
$18.88 / year

9Mbps Unmetered or 9TB  
99GB HDD  
999MB RAM  
999MB VSwap  
$9.99 / quarter  
$19.99 / year

Why Ellipsis Node? No bad reviews?

What do you mean by 'unmanaged'? I mean vps/containers aren't entered into without your consent and support isn't provided re: software errors/configuration/bugs/etc. At the same time there are multiple techs standing by and I'm often willing to attempt 'best effort' support.

From $1? If your curiosity is piqued, why not try an Ellipsis Node vps for $1? To do so, select '$1 trial' from the subscription drop-down menu. I'll send you an invoice for $1 and give you a vps to play around with for a week. If it's not what you're looking for, simply cancel before/at the end of the week and I'll refund the dollar. If you're satisfied and would like to renew, I'll send you a new invoice and we'll go from there.

Will I get my dollar back if I choose to renew? You'll receive a partial refund for $1 after renewing the vps.

Specs? E5-1620, E5-1650 & X3470 servers with SATA HDD. RAID 1 in MTL, no RAID in LV. Each vps comes with 1 IPv4 address, SolusVM and lots of OS to choose from.

DDoS protection? OVH's anti-DDoS mitigation.

Unmetered? No overage fees, but your vps will be suspended upon reaching its limit (9Mbps = ~3TB / month, et cetera).

9Mbps max? 100Mbps in MTL, 10Mbps in LV. Upgrades are available for the following one-time fees:
10Mbps - $1
20Mbps - $2
30Mbps - $3
40Mbps - $4
50Mbps - $5
60Mbps - $6
70Mbps - $7
80Mbps - $8
90Mbps - $9
100Mbps - $10

Extra IPs? $9 / IPv4 / year or $1 / month. Geolocated American IPs are available. IPv6 = free.

Nightly backups? $1 / year.

Can I pay monthly? Yep, it's $3.33 per month for every plan.

Is X allowed? See the Terms.

Test IP?

Further inquiries? PM or [email protected] Tailor-made plans (i.e. > 999MB RAM) and subscriptions are available via

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