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[Solved] RamNode Bandwidth Question

[Solved] RamNode Bandwidth Question

rained23rained23 Member
edited October 2012 in Reviews

Hi guys,

I had 1 of my VPS with RAMNode 512MB SVZ plan, Currently I'm trying to track down any good VPS, I tried RAMNode as I read many positive comment, and they don't have refund policy but as the review are mostly positive, so I made up my mind to spend a test on it.

The first time I use it, I already feels bad about it, I forgot to check the location of VPS (my fault) but check from the the latency are quite good.

Regarding the bandwidth and network speed. Just in 1 day, their meter already logged my bandwidth usage as 32% , that made me saying OMG ...

and from the VPS CP , I check the network statistic and the network only manage to give me 4 Mbps max during my entire use.

Now I'm comparing my current VPS from with RAMNode ,

During usage of 20 days of VPS, my bandwidth usage only at 700 GB, and in 1 Day RAMNode VPS logged mine as 317.42 GB. Seriously ? Maybe this is caused by OpenVZ system or I don't know.

I don't know what went wrong, and if I don't know if I can issue refund as after 1.5 day, I already stop using it. I didn't blame RAM Node for this, maybe there is some mistake on my own that I didn't clear about.



  • SimpleNodeSimpleNode Member, Provider

    If you haven't rebooted your VPS, what does ifconfig say?

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  • I'm still figuring what support ticket should I open ?

    Telling them their bandwidth meter had problems ?

    How am I gonna prove that ?

    And I respect their no refund policy too, as I don't have any good reason for asking refund, I already use too much bandwidth.

    So what I can do now sharing my experience and maybe someone can still enlighten me that I'm wrong about this as I'm just the only person had problems with RAMNode, as other give a positive comment, their benchmark also good.

    waiting if someone told me that why the consumption of my bandwidth differs from both VPS provider.

    So atleast I can get some knowledge from other..

  • So far, i've no problem at all.

  • I already shut down the VPS as I didn't use it so rather than turning it on, better turn it off no wasted resource for the entire node ..

    So I think if I turn it on and do ifconfig that will not the result you want to know right SimpleNode ? as you say if I haven't rebooted.

    Currently the VPS are not booted.

  • rained23rained23 Member
    edited October 2012

    @budingyun said: So far, i've no problem at all.

    That was nice you had a good experience using it, I read and do comparison of which VPS should I take from ServerBear and I see RAMNode had a good score.

    But when I use it, the network only max at 4 Mbps while had around 10 Mbps the max speed it can go from the statistic ..

  • @rained23 I understand you want to get input from the community but (a) this isn't a support forum for a provider (b) @Nick_A is incredibly responsive to questions (c) Ramnode has an IRC channel if you feel you don't know how to write this as a ticket and (d) by opening a thread with the providers name in it that casts doubt on the accuracy of their network accounting - without even asking the provider about known issues - you aren't doing them any favours.

    "Go cheap on rarely used things"

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
  • VictorVictor Member
    edited October 2012

    You probably should've contacted them before opening this thread tbh. Not only would it yield a quicker resolution, it also prevent lots of unnecessary drama.

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  • rained23rained23 Member
    edited October 2012

    @craigb Yes, I know this isn't support forum, and I'm not posting this for a support, just to share about this and getting feedback from the community as maybe this forum had many RAMNode user so I can get feedback about their experience. I totally saying from the post the VPS had no problems, the main point are the bandwidth meter had problems from RAMNode system or OpenVZ or unknown (due to lack of knowledge), as I'm comparing vps with RamNode vps. So I cannot state which one the main problems.

    So are this sites used for sharing Good experience only ?

    Its too late already as I already open up this post, as I only think that I only ask for a support if my VPS had problems, but the VPS are running, the benchmark running showing a good point.

    If I break some lowendtalk rules for opening a bad experience review... I just only want to share what just happen to my VPS, I'm not posting ... SCAM RamNode or any bad words to RamNode ...

    I just come up with this post to actually share with the community if any had the same experience can give some advice while using RAMNode or other VPS , so maybe can put the blame back to me as maybe how their bandwidth calculation are not same as other or etc. As I'm not guru in hosting package/plan .

  • Hi @rained23 I'm a tech support worker over at RamNode,

    I'd firstly like to ask a few details, could you PM me your e-mail used so I can pull up your VPS?

    We're unaware of any problems with our bandwidth, but if you're unsure, install vnstat and then do "vnstat -l" and monitor to see if anything is coming out, maybe you've been compromised? If this is our problem, we'll reset your B/W.

    If you havent already, pop a ticket open and ask for either me (Chris) or Nick.

    Thanks, Chris.

    Security Consultant

    Thanked by 1rained23
  • @rained23 not asking you to justify your position, more recommending a different approach (which you are choosing not to follow).

    "Go cheap on rarely used things"

    Thanked by 1Tyler_S
  • If you can pull 700gb in 20 days I'm not suprised that you have 300gb a day on ramnode. Maybe it's combined usage of in/out bandwidth, eg torrent/vpn - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • 300 (gigabytes per day) = 28.4444444 megabits per second

    Not that impossible...

  • You're in good hands with ramnode. If you communicate with them, they'll make sure you're taken care of. I've not had this experience with them though, it sounds to me like this is more likely bandwidth that you shouldn't be using, but sometimes you can't control incoming.

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
  • @cosmicgate said: If you can pull 700gb in 20 days I'm not suprised that you have 300gb a day on ramnode. Maybe it's combined usage of in/out bandwidth, eg torrent/vpn

    does that mean didn't combine in and out for the usage of bandwidth ?


    I just got an update from vps net that its their bandwidth tracking are not enforced,

    So, I'm gonna apologize to RamNode as I think the real usage was 300 GB per day,

    but I will try to check my real usage back from other VPS to reconfirm my daily bandwidth usage are.

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    Hi rained23. As others have mentioned, we are more than willing to help you out over a support ticket. All you have to do is log into the client area, click Open New Ticket, and select Support from the options. It doesn't look like you're going to find much help here since this seems to be a situation unique to your VPS.

    RamNode: High Performance Servers
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  • @rained23 glad you got it sorted. maybe change the name of this thread? (as googling the provider name and "bandwidth" brings this thread up).

    "Go cheap on rarely used things"

  • @rained23 Considering how professional @eastonch and @Nick_A at RamNode have handled your issue I believe that it would be more than appropriate for you to change the topic to something like "[Solved] RamNode Bandwidth Question", and maybe explain in your original post how your issue was resolved. RamNode is a very good hosting provider and @Nick_A is extremely passionate about his work, and I believe that RamNode should not have their reputation tarnished over something that wasn't even an issue in the first place.

  • @marcm Thank you for the kind words if I do say so myself;

    However I don't think @rained23 was trashing our reputation; he didnt say "was inaccurate" he said "seems inaccurate".

    This thread has somewhat detailed what the community thinks of RamNode, which judging by all responses, seems positive ;)!

    Security Consultant

    Thanked by 1rained23
  • @eastonch I agree with what you are saying but I have used the word "tarnished", not "trashed" :) I understand where @rained23 is coming from, as I have seen and experienced this myself before. I think that some customers get burned a couple of times, and/or stay with a provider for so long that they get used to their way of doing things, that when they switch or subscribe to a new hosting provider they tend to panic over the smallest things. Indeed the community thinks highly of RamNode, and I have learned a thing or two from @Nick_A when it comes to providing good customers service. I have been doing this since last December, while he has been involved in the web hosting business for at least six years. Again, @rained23 please update the topic. You have 24 hours to edit the title and body from the time that you have posted it. Thank you.

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider
    edited October 2012

    Looks like the thread title was changed one way or another, so I appreciate that. @rained23 - I would still like to hear from you! Wouldn't mind checking out your VPS.

    RamNode: High Performance Servers
    NYC - LA - ATL - SEA - NL - IPv6 - DDoS Protection - AS3842
  • rained23rained23 Member
    edited October 2012

    @Nick_A , Thanks for your great support , I just check my VPS using vnstat like you told me before, now comparing both VPS, the different shows the network speed only max on 5 Mbit/s , and my old VPS shows it can go more than 20 Mbit/s , I don't know what I need to tweak right now, or is that the only max speed per VPS can go ? I try using torrent to seed a file and compare both are the same torrent.

  • Hey check it again, seems it can go up to 10 Mbit/s ...

    I think why I feel it slow due to latency, so I think there is no problems with my VPS.

    Just the bandwidth issue that already solved :)

  • Great to hear :)

  • budingyunbudingyun Member
    edited October 2012

    Good to hear. I know @Nick_A is a great man. :D

  • @rained23 welcome to the community :)

    "Go cheap on rarely used things"

  • RandyRandy Disabled
    edited October 2012


    edit : works without https. but the templates seems to be broken

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    It was a DNS issue and I've resolved it now. We were hit with a large UDP flood yesterday and I had to reconfigure our DNS to avoid future issues.

    RamNode: High Performance Servers
    NYC - LA - ATL - SEA - NL - IPv6 - DDoS Protection - AS3842
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