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[SOLVED] Looking for cheap development VPS
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[SOLVED] Looking for cheap development VPS

joepie91joepie91 Member, Provider
edited October 2012 in General

EDIT: I have what I need now, thanks all :)

For development of CVM (the free and open-source VPS panel I'm working on), I'm looking for a cheap KVM VPS to serve as a second testing 'node' (so I can test IPv6-related functionality as well as transfers).

I have the following needs:

  • KVM
  • At least 20GB disk
  • 768MB RAM minimum (I need to run an entire OpenVZ environment on it plus testing VMs)
  • Native IPv6 connectivity (this is important!) with enough IPv6 IPs to test out range allocations
  • Preferably unmetered - I probably won't use much (the VM will only be used for CVM development), but when I start on VPS transfers, updating templates, etc., I really don't want to hit a traffic limit, so a monthly allocation isn't practical
  • At least 4 IPv4 IPs (one for the node itself, and 3 for testing various IP allocation setups), preferably with the option to have a larger range allocated at a later point in time (for testing range allocations)
  • Preferably in Europe due to latency to the master node. (not absolutely required)
  • Things like speed or performance aren't terribly important, as long as it's workable (this won't host any production stuff)
  • EDIT: Forgot to mention, also need reverse DNS delegation for at least IPv6

I have a very small budget... what is the cheapest option available?


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