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Credit Card Processing
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Credit Card Processing

PatrickPatrick Member
edited October 2012 in Providers


Any LEB providers using merchant based credit card processing?

We were looking to use 2co again but it seems they keep getting bad by the day, supporting the clients who request a refund then actually look into the case and dispute with both parties (

So was looking to use a direct payment gateway, I'm yet to find something feasible. We currently accept Google Checkout but limited to people who actually use it and PayPal which generally covers most clients.

Any experience (preferably UK based) cc processors? I have looked at Nochex which seem ok and process payments on there hosted page so no need for PCI compliance and also looking into SagePay / PayPal Payments Pro.

Any experience with PP Payments Pro and how are there fees regarding chargebacks etc?

Patrick | INIZ


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