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Is kiloserve down? (it's up after 66 mins)

Is kiloserve down? (it's up after 66 mins)

MowdMowd Member
edited October 2012 in General

It's down for almost one hour... it has never happened before...


  • Have you tried to e-mail them? Is your server down or just their website?

    Security Consultant

  • their website and my server all down

  • Yes, they are located in the datacenter which is currently down.

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  • It happened before and happened again. Everything is down now.

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  • Teaches them to not host their website on the same DC as their servers ;)

    Security Consultant

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  • I've had a VPS with Kiloserve for about a year, and it's been pretty good. I signed up for a 2nd VPS with them last weekend to migrate some stuff (planned to cancel the old one later after I was finished).

    The new VPS hasn't been setup, and no response to the ticket I put in, yet. It's not looking good.

    As far as I can tell Kiloserve and the imountain data center are one and the same.

    (WHT) imountain support is gone?!

    (LET) Is Kiloserve down? (edit: it's up now)

    (LET) What happened to

  • Also, the last time @kiloserve signed into LET was March 18.

    And the last time KiloServe signed into WHT was April 14.

  • We host our main site same datacenter and our billing offsite, so that our support system is always online.

  • but realize now that i need to do something about the dns.

  • @david said: Also, the last time @kiloserve signed into LET was March 18.

    And the last time KiloServe signed into WHT was April 14.

    This is most worrying. They are inactive. Service goes down, we complain and it comes up. Kiloserve rep doesn't bother to send a mass email explaining outage.

  • tdc_admtdc_adm Member
    edited October 2012

    It's time to move? (I'm with them more than one year)

  • Yeah, I've been watching for a while and it seems pretty quiet over there at the moment. I moved my sites a few days ago to another server and cancelling.

    It's been a good run :/

  • NateN34NateN34 Member
    edited October 2012

    Dang that sucks.

    Yeah, they have been very good to me for the over a year that I have had them. Probably the best VPS host that I have ever had.

    Time to start backing up and moving now though I believe. Things could go downhill at any moment, the way it looks.

  • They haven't responded to the ticket I opened on 10/15, yet.

    The last ticket I opened before this was back in June. It took a little while, but they did respond and fix the problem back then.

  • Yeah, my last ticket was in June as well. They responded in an hour, and resolved the issue in another hour. I was aware of them not logging into forum accounts or posting when i did some digging then and was worried about them not responding, so was pleasantly surprised by the quick response.

    Either way, i've submitted a cancellation request now and moved on. The VPS itself is still alright, but i don't particularly want to risk downtime if they do close down. :/

  • Just move out from KiloServe because of a strange connection problem. I can't connect to other ip/port from my server. Ticket sent two days ago but no response. Though this issue has been resolve(?), but I decided to move out.

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