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In this Discussion S and M Server plans review
New on LowEndTalk? Please Register and read our Community Rules. S and M Server plans review

We've tested S and M Server plans over the past 2 weeks at The results are in.


  • S Server: $9.93/month all included.
  • M Server: $19.94/month all included.

We appreciate that website doesn't let you create a VM until your payment method is verified, it's a much better experience than providers taking your order and payments details, and then making you wait for an indeterminate period of time for the VM to be up and running. In our case the wait was only a matter of minutes.

Administration console administration web console is simple and effective. It only lacks graphs reporting resource usage on the VMs.
Creation of the VM itself is fast. The root password is sent in an email and is visible in the web console.



The setup of the VMs was relatively slow on both the S and the M Servers. Up to 100% of IOWait on the S server and 50% on the M Server was reported while installing packages.

Website performances

  • S Server

    • average response time: 104ms
    • 5% slowest responses: 204ms
  • M Server

    • average response time: 78ms
    • 5% slowest responses: 160ms

In both cases severe slowdowns with high IOWait were recorded every day for around 30 minutes, when the response time would more than double. Those events were more frequents on the S Server plan.


There was no outage during the trials.


  • Pricing is per hour.
  • Curiously, SMTP outgoing port 25 was open on the M Server but closed on the S server.


That places the S Server plan next to last of the providers under $15 tested at
For the M Server plan, is also in the bottom third of the $15+ plans.

The gap with faster competitors is not very large though and the straighforward UI and setup will make up for the below average response times for many customers.

Full review at


  • Hi,

    We've had a bad batch of drives we have been replacing that may be causing the high IOWAIT. Can you test from either US-WEST or US-EAST2 where we don't have any of these drives in service?

    We use RAID10, put extra SSDs in our servers compared to our competitors, manage IOPS so no single user can take up all the performance, and use add-on controllers for enhanced performance. Being SSD, its highly unusual that you would experience high IOWAIT.

    In terms of SMTP, I'm having our team review our code as SMTP should be consistent across the board.

    We bill per second, not per hour.

    Thanks for considering us in your reviews.



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