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Windows Reinstallation.
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Windows Reinstallation.

eastoncheastonch Member
edited October 2012 in General


Just a query, This machine right now is started to clogg down with the amount of crap I've accumulated on it, I've got multiple issues I can just feel it; a fresh feel is what i'm going for.

My question is, is there any way I can backup my "my programs" and my "start menu"? an the likes? Since my SSD holds windows and several programs/games, while my additional HDD contains the majority of my software and steamapps, I can't be bothered to reinstall everything, so I'm hoping for a quick way to achieve what I want to achieve.


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  • You can take a full windows backup using the built-in backup and recovery tool.


  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    Uhm, doesen't that kill the part of the whole reinstallation, if you are going to backup everything?

    On the other side, windoes 7 is performing extremely well, no way I am switching to windows 8, atleast for months. 21 days of uptime and works perfectely:

    However I reinstall each 30 days, so I have no idea how much it can hold up actually.

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  • AsadAsad Member
    edited October 2012

    I copy stuff from my AppData folder and the steamapps folder in Steam + any extra program data (Firefox profile, etc.) and then restore it onto the new Windows install.

    @NinjaHawk_Roel said: You can take a full windows backup using the built-in backup and recovery tool.

    A full windows backup would also restore all the shit, so it would make reinstalling Windows to clean it out pointless.

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  • True AsadHaider.

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  • YKMYKM Member

    This might be better :

  • wdqwdq Member

    I put all of my Steam games onto another non-OS drive, and all of my media is on my server. That leaves me with just backing up the Users directory. I usually reinstall all of my programs using tools like Ninite when Windows has been reinstalled.

  • Thanks @ykm pickmeapp looks like what I'm looking for.

    Thanks @wdq for the hints :-)

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  • jarjar Provider

    Do what I do...just suck it up and hit format, deal with the loss later. New pc feel beats new car smell.

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    @Jarland. deal with it later? that you figured you didnt backup ur data and is looking for it right after you install?

  • jarjar Provider

    @Randy Well I guess since I keep vital documents elsewhere it isn't as bad for me, just a lot of downloading.

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  • I remember something like Norton or something to do a full backup, create a hardisk image, and we can write it in a new hardisk, and that's it, we have new clone of our current system.

    But that's in somewhere in 2004 when I still have much time to do this kind of stuff :D

  • Norton Ghost full partition restore with formated disk about 5 min
    Also Paragon Backup & Recovery is very good backup and restore tool
    Shadow Protect best for windows servers , central backup server for multiple networks
    Also tested from bootable USB disk flash

  • I have my computer set up so I can reinstall everything in ~15 minutes. My HDDs hold all my important stuff, like movies, shows, music, steam. I also have a folder full of every program I install on my boot SSD (mumble, chrome, putty, winscp, hwmonitor, sabnzbd, kaspersky, etc). Chrome backs up all my data to their servers, so all I have to do is install everything in that one folder and bam I'm back.

    I just put Windows Server 2012 (from Win7) on my desktop, and when my new ssd (current one is dieing) comes here this week, I'll reinstall it all :).

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