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Which internal monitoring solution ?
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Which internal monitoring solution ?

edited October 2012 in General

Which solution(s) do you use for monitoring and alerting on your VPS's availability or health ?


Interested to hear what works and doesn't false alarm etc.. just trying to decide


  • We use Nagios with DNX, tried and proven.

  • Please use search for this, or google. Nagios (icingina) + munin is the way to go, maybe with pingdom or for external.

    False alarms are most of the time wrongly configures thresholds...

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  • We use a nice combo of Status2k, Binarycanary, Uptimerobot and Cacti.


  • YKMYKM Member

    Apologies if this has already been posted, I did search for "monitoring".

    I would rather have community feedback from VPS's specialists here than sales speak from Google, if this is not relevant then could and admin remove this post please.

    I have found Zabbix and sysmond to now, one at each end of the spectrum for complexity.

    Good point about thresholds, I guess this is the only reason really, thanks.

  • I've tried zabbix, cacti and status2k but I find nagios to work the best for me. Get about 6 "false" positives a day, but that is because that website takes 15 sec to load and my critical threshold is set to 12 seconds...

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  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited October 2012

    As for me, I just use simple Smokeping to monitor ping and packet loss to most of my VPSes; and for the boxes I don't care much about, other than if they're sort of up or not (either free or on the cancellation track), I use

    P.S. When you mentioned internal, I thought you meant "to a VPS provider";
    And the answer would be, according to my experience, most don't monitor shit. It's sooooo annoying when the first time a host even hears that their node/network is down, is from my (a customer's) ticket.

  • We use Observium + Pingdom for our solution. Observium is mainly for monitoring server performance and Pingdom for up/down.

    Another one you can look at would be Zenoss

  • YKMYKM Member

    I am liking the look of Observium and its got a cute mouse as a mascot :)

  • Observium is pretty awesome. I've been meaning to install it for myself, but haven't gotten around to it. Have seen other people use it and it's definitely slick.

    I love bacon. That is all.

  • Observium gets a bit unwieldy once you start having a lot of devices in it. I really wish they would implement some kind of editor.

  • munin and an extremely sensitive ping monitoring script I found on LET. If one of it's 5 ping packets are dropped it reports it as "down" - The oldest post to host VPS provider
  • @dmmcintyre3 said: munin and an extremely sensitive ping monitoring script I found on LET. If one of it's 5 ping packets are dropped it reports it as "down"

    Why so sensitive?

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  • I would highly recommend

  • We use our own custom monitoring system as seen here | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

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