kamailio or opensips?
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kamailio or opensips?

kampungkampung Member
edited October 2012 in General

Hi All, Can someone give some recomendation for SIP server?

I have use both of opensips and kamailio, but only for basic usages: - support regular sip phone (sflphone, ekiga, xlite) - support sipml5 - (not so smooth) integration of opensips & asterisk.

I want to leverage my usages: - add some security - integration with freeswitch - user authentication with external authentication (maybe to external CMS/django/LDAP or whatever) - integrate with PSTN, if possible.

My thinking about kamailio and opensips: - it seems kamailio has more features - there is an opensips book, no kamailio book - more irc user in opensips channel - more mailing list users in kamailio

Any suggestions?




  • DavidxDavidx Member
    edited October 2012

    I use Google Voice in junction with sipsource & ipkall..

    never tried to make my own :p

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