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Catalyst Host - Storage LET Special + added stock
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Catalyst Host - Storage LET Special + added stock

jarlandjarland Administrator
edited October 2012 in Offers

As a thanks to everyone on LET who has supported us in our entry into the VPS market, I want to offer an exclusive storage plan in Denver, CO. Availability is quite limited.

Storage VPS: 1 CPU Core 64mb RAM 64mb vSwap 100GB Storage Unmetered 100Mbit $5/m or $50/year

Additionally I'd like to announce that we have added stock to all of our plans in Denver, CO and Lenoir, NC. Our nodes use dual Xeon L5420 or L5520, hardware RAID10 with FBWC & BBU, and ECC memory. We are a registered business in West Virginia (good luck proving that with the only state that won't update it's databases). We have been a hosting provider since around March 2011. "We" refers to myself (Jarland Donnell) and Ryan Arp.

Denver, CO Disclaimer: Low set of upstream providers. Test IP: Test file:

Denver1: 1 CPU Core 128MB RAM 128MB vSwap Unmetered 100Mbit 40GB Storage $3.50/m

Denver2: 2 CPU cores 256mb RAM 256mb vSwap 40gb Storage 2TB on 1Gbps port $5/m

Denver3: 2 CPU cores 256mb RAM 256mb vSwap 50gb Storage Unmetered 1Gbps $7/m

Lenoir, NC (Better network, less bandwidth) Test IP: Test file:

NC1: 2 CPU Cores 256MB RAM 256MB vSwap 20GB Storage 300GB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps $4.50/m

NC2: 2 CPU Cores 512MB RAM 512MB vSwap 30GB Storage 400GB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps $6/m

NC3: 4 CPU Cores 1024MB RAM 1024MB vSwap 40GB Storage 500GB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps $7/m

Thanked by 2agapitox TheHackBox


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