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Spam Orders
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Spam Orders


I know some people who get a lot of spam orders from time to time on WHMCS. Does anyone know any way of blocking it (other than updating WHMCS and blocking IP ranges)?

They seem to be using a proxy so IP addresses change with every account. It would be nice if WHMCS implemented an email verification process before registering.


  • use Maxmind it's only way from fraud orders :)

  • @mlody1039 said:
    use Maxmind it's only way from fraud orders :)

    Yea there are modules that mark these orders as fraud, but when they register with fake emails your server keeps returning a failed message delivery.

    It would be ideal to prevent their registration from the start.

  • It would be nice if I could block key words from the registration form with ease... That would stop them because the spam orders are normally the same few key words with slightly different contact details.

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  • exactly what this addon does -
    keywords are blocked at registration time... (version 5 is in the works which will do email verification)
    My apologies if this is self promotion, but it answers everyones questions :)

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