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success rate in connecting to your openvpn host

success rate in connecting to your openvpn host

vampireJvampireJ Member
edited November 2011 in General

Do you always get connected when you try to connect to your openvpn host?

Assuming that your current internet connection is reliable.

My installed openvpn on some leb box has like a connection rate of about 40% I would think. Would it be possible that the leb provider is limiting it?




  • My LEB is somehow good with my OVPN installed. Using it with my friends with PAM auth.

  • current internet connection but you getting disconnected ? its more like your latency might be due to the cause there with that existing provider's network. Do a continuous ping from your machine to your vps IP and see if there is frequent drops after 100 pings.

    If not check your openvpn settings in your vps to anything that relates to keepalive and server pings. Setting it to udp instead of tcp might also help


  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Provider

    I have a 100% connection rate but I get disconnected after every 4-5GB of transfer. I've never really investigated why but when I try to reconnect I get through without any problem.

    -Joe @ SecureDragon - LEB's Powered by Wyvern in FL, CO, CA, IL, NJ, GA, OR, TX, and AZ
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  • Hmm, I notice a lot of people use their LEB for VPNs, but what do you guys use it for? I can't see a use for myself... (I'm thinking, maybe I'm missing out on something?)

  • @kairus i use it to get a US ip so that i can watch live streams on and other US tv broadcasters. I just find Singapore television shows too chinese~ish and those US episodes that i get to watch here in Singapore always have a release faster in US. So yes, thats where its important for me

    i know some users who use vpns to get uncapped downloads of torrent as ISP throttle home users when torrent are detected, especially the singapore cable internet broadband users.


  • Kairus said: I can't see a use for myself... (I'm thinking, maybe I'm missing out on something?)

    Try to live in a country with some kind of (at best) filtering proxy for national and international traffic... But if I could - try to - understand filtering porn content, I won't ever understand why LET is sometimes also filtered (we hardly get photos :-P)

    So => VPN

  • @cripperz when I get connected everything would be fine. But I do not get connected most of the times.

    I guess it is time to get rid of my $30 yearly xen lol

  • @vampireJ you might look for a provider that specifically OFFERS a vpn appliance. This way you're sure that they know how to support it and that it's not limited in any way.

  • I have a tunnel through a VPS and it always connects in not more than five seconds, I don't remember it being disconnected except with a local issue in my network.

    It looks something to do with your provider, or your home connection, but if you can download big files without a download manager and your download completes and isn't failing, then it's something to do with your VPS provider.

    And It might be poor connectivity and routes from datacenter to your location.

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  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Provider

    I use my VPN for when I'm not at home so I can have a secure connection while using public networks and access ports that are blocked by secured networks.

    -Joe @ SecureDragon - LEB's Powered by Wyvern in FL, CO, CA, IL, NJ, GA, OR, TX, and AZ
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  • @vampireJ very odd problem you have there mate. You might need a couple of troubleshooting steps to figure out whether its your vpn config issue, vps provider or your home connection issue. When you got connected, is it during at specific hours of the day or just random? You might wanna check traceroute and pings at different time of the day because some ISP do play punk when comes to peering during peak and none peak hours.


  • VPN handshakes should be as good as the VPS providers uptime.

    cripperz is right, you might need to check your VPN Setup. It may be due to your server configs, client or something else. 1st thing I would check would be to check the logs for TLS errors.

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