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KVM/XEN for VPN (Netherlands) (specs)

KVM/XEN for VPN (Netherlands) (specs)

RaymiiRaymii Member
edited October 2012 in Help

I want to test a VPN setup using IPsec/L2TP + certificate based auth so I need a XEN/KVM vps (or anything which is not para-virtualized like openvz/vserver/lxc). I need it only to see if I can set it up, not actually for usage. (So 1 month max). Location should be in the netherlands.

I have the following specs in mind: 512MB RAM min 5GB HDD (thanks @Asim) 2 IPv4 OS: CentOS/SL/Debian/Ubuntu. rest does not matter (bw/ipv6 etc).

The only provider I can think of (and the only one which is in the LEB tag netherlands) that does xen is InceptionHosting. If I would go germany, then I'd go for Edis.

So, TL;DR, are there any more providers than mentioned above that do XEN/KVM in the netherlands, and, are the specs enough for the purpose?

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