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Has anyone tried this?

Has anyone tried this?

BrandonBrandon Member
edited October 2012 in General

I was looking into syncing my Google contacts with Roundcube and was wondering if anyone had any success with this: Does anyone know of any other alternatives?


  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited October 2012

    Nondescript thread names are a waste of everyone's time.

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  • ZenZen Member

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    On topic :


    curl -L

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  • Are you referring to $this-> ?

  • Do you need bidirectional sync or just a one-time import? Gmail can export as vCard format, which RoundCube knows how to import.

  • I am looking for a bidirectional sync. Yeah I've looked into vCards too but I'm constantly updating my contacts.

  • I think you'll need a RoundCube plugin of some sort, then, and the only other option besides the Google Contacts plugin is to route through a CardDAV server. I'm not sure if that would then require running a separate CardDAV server that syncs with both Gmail and RoundCube; it would probably be easier to get the Google Contacts plugin working.

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