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Personal Online Storage

Personal Online Storage

nimdynimdy Member
edited October 2012 in General

Hi all.

I'd like to install something on one of my VPS' so that I can drop the odd file on it do I can use it both at home and at work.

My work firewall blocks useful services like Dropbox, live drive etc. I was thinking of something like installing something like OwnCloud, which I believe has a web front end which I can access from work.

Has anyone had any experience with OwnCloud? Is it still a young system to use?

I won't be putting anything valuable on there. Just the odd file (e.g my finances spreadsheet which I use during my breaks at work) so I can use them both at work and at home.


  • @nimdy How about an upload script?

    I created this so I could upload stuff at university to work on at home and vice versa, a few students use it and it's pretty helpful.

  • Should work just great.

  • Owncloud would work nicely.

    Ajaxplorer is also very good, might be overkill for you but it is a more mature project with an active user base.

  • Is that your site Asad? It's very simple but functional. Plus WebSense at work doesnt consider it 'Personal Storage / File Sharing' unlike some other sites out there.

  • YKMYKM Member

    +1 Owncloud, has Android and iPhone apps too

  • I did have a play with Ajaxexplorer and another similar product. I think there was something in the code that didn't play too nicely with my Internet connection / firewall at work!

  • AsadAsad Member
    edited October 2012

    @nimdy Yeah it is, no one uses it besides me and a few friends so it won't be blocked anywhere. Perfect for quickly uploading files on the go.

    I'd give owncloud a try and see how you like it.

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  • For spreadsheets and all, Isuggest google docs or some PHP script to upload and browse there. There are a few. M

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  • Google docs is also blocked at work :(

    When I played with ajaxplorer I was able to get to one of my VPS from work, so hopefully if I install something else on there I should be able to see it from work.

  • What about a proxy that would unblock everything ? Some squid should do the trick at least. M

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  • AsadAsad Member
    edited October 2012

    @Maounique said: Some squid should do the trick at least.

    Doesn't always work behind corporate firewalls/networks.

  • I have used an ssh tunnel proxy at work when I've been desperate to get to blocked sites (nothing seedy - even sites like yahoo answers and tech help forums are blocked). Proxying and 'firewall avoidance tools' are explicitly banned by our IT policy so it's not really something I want to lose my job over if they catch me.

  • I'll take a look at team drive too later.

    One more thing. Is it possible to have two web servers (nginx and apace) on the same port somehow? I use nginx for a personal website on the server but I believe these tools I'm looking into use apache (the OwnCloud install guide certainly mentions apache).

    As well as all the websites that are blocked at work, the majority of ports are blocked too. I only really have the options of 80 and 443. The latter is already being used for emergency ssh access when behind firewalls.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited October 2012 With this you will not change anything on your computer, not even set a proxy in your browser. Put it in a directory of your site. M

    If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy. Romanian Protests

  • @nimdy: I haven't tried it (yet) but there's notes on using nginx/lighttpd etc with owncloud here:

    "Go cheap on rarely used things"

  • @AsadHaider said:

    neat! source code? =)

  • wdqwdq Member
    edited October 2012

    I tried OwnCloud with Nginx and couldn't get it to work. I solved my problem by getting an extra IP address and using Nginx on one, and Apache on the other.

    I'm using SemoWeb with a custom 200GB VPS right now, but I just ordered a VolumeDrive dedicated server with 1TB earlier this week.

  • DavidxDavidx Member
    edited October 2012

    I set up Owncloud with Nginx..

    48 MB / 512 MB used

    Id recommend a BuyVM vps (50gb is really cheap I believe) & follow this on a minstalled VPS.: +

    Owncloud is abit buggy, but is pretty decent.. :) I use it for streaming.

  • Just for uploading and personal storage? I think a simple upload script in can do it..

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  • martip07martip07 Member
    edited October 2012

    check this:

    I am using it but i changing somethings :P - Freelance Sysadmin.

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