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VPSKB Partner / Content Writers

VPSKB Partner / Content Writers

PatrickPatrick Member
edited October 2012 in General

If anyone's interested in managing let me know!

I'm sure after putting up some tutorials and unique content the site traffic will quickly pick up, this is not a paid position but voluntary. We can implant Adsense or BSA as we grow easily and you would get %, if you wanted to though revenue isn't really priority as I'd like to see a all in one KB for VPS's which people will find helpful

You won't have to do much work regarding managing site as I have some SEO campaigns up soon so it should pick up very quickly. Mainly need content / tutorial writers.

Shoot me a PM

Patrick | INIZ


  • So you just installed wordpress and you need someone to write content for you for free?

    I'd suggest to at least write a few articles yourself, right now it looks like you're looking for someone to do everything for you and if you earn something they would get %. They can just start their own site then?

  • @vedran Did I state I wasn't going to post content? This is more like a partnership, I just haven't had time to do anything until now

    Patrick | INIZ
  • There is already a wiki on here why not add to it?

  • @thharris LET wiki covers only how to save up memory when using LEMP/LAMP, VPSKB will be tutorials start to finish with basic commands such as checking free memory to extensive setups

    Patrick | INIZ
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