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Can Debian run pptp and OpenVPN-AS at the same time?

Can Debian run pptp and OpenVPN-AS at the same time?

AsimAsim Member
edited October 2012 in Help

Weird question but can Debian run pptp and OpenVPN-AS at the same time?

Reason? pptp is required on my cell/router but on Windows systems OpenVPN client works best!! hence I want to have both in the same box. Thoughts?


  • yep.

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  • fanfan Member

    They use different devices, so it's possible.

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  • Yes, if the proper modules are enabled.


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  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Provider

    Indeed it can, give me a shout if you want a test box to work it out.

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  • Yes.

  • No problem: ppptp: Using interface ppp0 - ip: openvpn: Using interface dev tun - ip: - a twitter archive dedicated to vps providers

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  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited October 2012

    It is possible, but i believe openvpn is not the best solution for vpn. a ssh/socks proxy gives good granular control on app level. I would be interested to know why ppl prefer openvpn unless you need complex setups like bridge subnets or something. M

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  • Because it tunnels all data, not just secular apps who 'support' a proxy.

    And that is, at times, very necessary.

    -- BOFH

  • I believe when using SSH you can only have one connection at the same time. So, using OpenVPN is better (at least for me :p)

    I've tried to run both PPTP and OpenVPN-As on my debian at the same time successfully.

    I'm Good!

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