rtmpdump error

rtmpdump error

KilwaKilwa Member
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I am trying to download as usual using rtmdump over a year with no problem at all. But recently I am getting this error for the BBC clips.

ERROR: ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header

What can i do?



  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Provider

    Are you sure it's an RTMP stream?

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  • Yes. I have been doing that for 1+ year already.

  • I read on some iPlayer site you might have to update rtmpdump package or something

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  • I had to update the get-iplayer package because the old one was not working anymore; BBC changed something. My working version of rtmpdump has version number v2.4-n37-git4e06e21-ppa6~natty

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  • Hi guys,

    Please can you tell me how to update get-iplayer? I have debian.

  • I've been having issues with RTMP also lately, I've found that using the older versions, like 2.1D works better then the newer ones a lot of the time.

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  • pcanpcan Member
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    @Kilwa: you can update get-iplayer in many different ways. I followed this one (debian):

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jon-hedgerows/get-iplayer sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install get-iplayer

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